Wednesday, 9 May 2018

WEEK 9 EXP3: The Theory and the 18 Sketch Axonometrics

After the events of September 11 in New York, Santiago Calatrava decided to build something that had the calming sense of peace and hope for future generations who walk through the space. The Oculus station house consists of white ribs that interlock high above the ground. It was designed to connect the various modes of transportation in Lower Manhattan, from the Fulton Centre in the east to the Battery Park City Ferry Terminal in the west.

The white winged Oculus is an indication of peace.It's a wonderful civic monument for celebration and a place to gather people.Engaging people in big and grand structure, a sense of comfort and security can be delivered by opened and exposed spaces. The repeating framed structure can be seen as a wedge of light, giving view of the sky.



 Exposed space

 Monumental arch to gather people

"Wedge of light"

Expanding, Reaching out